On April 23 we celebrate a very special day for us: Colimita Day . The day we drank our first Colimita, our lager beer, our reason for being and the inspiration for our brewery.

Colimita was born in our pilot plant, better known as “ La Belluci ”, one hot afternoon in April. The original recipe of our beloved has had few variations, the ingredients are simple but of the highest quality: Pilsner malt, Magnum, Saaz, Hallerta hops, yeast and water from the slopes of the Volcano.

Its name: “Colimita , arose among the founders of Cervecería de Colima . Three friends who at that time dreamed of representing the garden under the volcano that is Colima and their pride in local things with a well-made beer and quality ingredients.

A few beers later and after much questioning and research, they discovered that the brewer they were looking for was Marty Cornelius and that he lived in the middle of the tropical jungle in Costa Rica. Another round and the three friends were taking a direct flight to Costa Rica.

In the middle of a world of palm trees and a characteristic tropical climate; Esteban, Andrés, Jorge and Cornelius had finished refining the Colimita recipe and their dream of bringing Colima to the palate.

Colimita tastes like Colima and to this day, the founding friends keep the sheet of paper where the lines of what is now the image of Colimita were made .

The bright golden color - from our tropical version of a German lager - is mesmerizing, and is accompanied by a medium body; while on the palate we perceive a slight bitter note with floral flavors from the hops that come into balance with the persistent malt flavor.

A winning beer

With all this background, it is not surprising that Colimita is a winning beer. We don't want to brag (a little yes) but as you know, it was awarded several times in Mexico and in the world, receiving medals for being the best beer in its category.

Here we humbly take the bronze cup of the Copa Cervecera Pacífico 2022.

And we are very proud to have won the gold medal in the Copa Cerveza México on 4 consecutive occasions, the only beer to do so in the history of the competition.

Colimita is our most requested and sold beer , it is the first that bars and restaurants ask for, since it contains all the experience that drinking a quality craft beer implies.

Since that April 23, 2014, we have brewed 288 batches of Colimita , or 38,000 hectoliters , which represents 10,704,225.35 bottles of simple, well-made beer, curious and quite accurate data from our head brewer.

Colimita is also our most traveled beer, the most international of all our creations. His passport has stamps from the United States, France, Peru and Russia, and he is almost packing his bags to travel to Dubai, Italy and Sweden.

In the United States with a constant step we managed to position ourselves in more places, so if you are there you can find us mainly in California and Texas , also in other parts of the neighboring country through

Our brewery house (vintage photo)

And well, not for nothing Colimita is the apple of our eyes, in addition to all the qualities and secrets that we already told you, it is our ambassador and supplier of the joint project Volcán de Fuego Montaña de Agua , whose main objective is to green Colima and restore the aquifers that bring us so much life.

Now that you know everything (or almost everything) there is to know about our beloved Colimita , celebrate with us by taking your Colimita and uploading a photo with the hashtag # ColimitaDay .

We are very happy to continue sharing and building moments by your side, drinking and enjoying the beer from the sun's favorite land: Colimita .

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