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It is not a myth that in ancient times beer was produced by women. And that in the first records from thousands of years ago (literally), we already figured as those responsible for preparing this ancestral drink. The history of beer is that interesting and sooo old.

In different parts of the world, simultaneously, women played a determining role in the brewing world, as we were holders of knowledge and thus triggering agricultural, social and commercial activities around beer.

It was a woman who added that ingredient that gives adjectives to beer: hops.

Back then conservatives weren't on the grocery list, so the shelf life of beer was pretty short, until around the 11th century an abbess quite popular today and with an unbeatable CV, Hildegard Von Bingen , introduced the hops in the beer to result in the product as we know it today.

How did beer production go from women to exclusively men? This occurs in the marketing of the product, being the men who were allowed to work and who basically dominated the economic system, it became an exclusive matter of the male sex.

Some "a few years later", and in a context of the fight for equity and equality between men and women in different social spheres, as women we enjoy freedoms and rights that sadly did not appear in the panorama of 100 or even 50 years ago. .

From here we can feel proud of what we have achieved. 

Three years ago, with International Women's Day as a backdrop, a project was launched by the girls of our Colimota brewery.

A project that since then seeks visibility in a union that is also maintained by the internal flame of our passion for beer. Because yes, women also like to make and drink craft beer.

It emerged in March 2020, before the pandemic reached us. The search for a master brewer in Mexico who would like to lead the brewery in Colima, filled with interest several women from different breweries who also wanted to participate in the project.

Impetuous manifested itself in a concrete mission of the effort of many women throughout the country to get to know each other, share, grow and collaborate together.

From birth, we realized that Impetuous became independent.

The path of impetuous

Women in the brewing industry was the theme in that historic first edition. The chosen style: Hoppy Lager . There were 35 breweries and 3 groups, totaling 60 passionate women in the industry.

The theme of 2021, in the midst of a pandemic like never before in modern life, was Women in Times of Crisis. Here we show that despite the difficulties, in community we can get ahead and devise ways to support each other and continue creating. The style: English Porter .

On that occasion, the brewing took place in small volumes and simultaneously in different breweries, bringing together more than 120 women from 50 breweries and 4 collectives.

For this year 2022, with more freedom to meet, we cook 3,500 liters in a brewery that has an entirely female group: Cielito Lindo . With the participation of more than 170 women, representing 82 breweries and 9 groups.

Photo by HeyDrinkers

The style we chose for Impetuosa is a Session IPA , refreshing, fruity and light. We thank Montserrat Ventura, an illustrator and graphic designer from San Luis Potosí, for her participation in the label of this edition and for conveying all the power and strength of the female figure.

We invite you to learn more about his work on his instagram account

This is how Impetuosa continues to grow with each member and breaking its own mold. From Cervecería de Colima we admire with great pride this initiative that sets a precedent in the agenda of women, not only brewers, but also in the industry and finally in all areas.

Commemorating Impetuosa at Cervecería de Colima

This year we had a double opportunity to participate and cook together in commemoration of the birth of Impetuosa in our brewery: Cervecería de Colima . So we decided to put together something local between us, something simple to be able to share, live together and learn about the production process.


The appointment was at 9 in the morning in the production area where La Bellucci is located, our small but great experimental plant. We take turns and with Vanesa as the leader, quality control leader, we organize ourselves so that everyone can participate in cooking.

The style we chose to cook was a Blonde Ale , a light, fresh beer with a golden color that reminds us of spring flowers in Colima. Ideal to enjoy these hot afternoons.

The experience was enriching, we were all very happy to participate because these types of activities encourage coexistence and are ideal settings to get to know each other, and what better than making beer.

A few pizzas and a few kegs of beer later, our Blonde Ale was ready to be left to ferment in the little tanks. We will have to wait until April to be able to show you the result, but we are sure that it will be a beer that no one can put a BUT on .

This beer is the symbol of our union and represents our pronouncement for rights and equality, our desire to be consistent with our discourse and create a support network among women that considers each and every one, regardless of their ideology.

Impetuous Agenda 2022

The launch of Impetuosa will take place from March 22 in several cities, you can check all the covers and points of sale on Impetuosa 's instagram by clickinghere .

It must be remembered that the total profits obtained from the sale of this collaborative beer go to civil associations that support women in different contexts. So don't stop going through your Impetuous to any of the distribution points.

In tune with the celebration of the launch of Impetuosa 2022 , we will hold virtual conferences throughout this month, as in the last edition of this project.

The themes of the conferences include ancestral healing, women in the face of climate change and the forum: "Impetuosa, the path traveled and to be traveled".

Join us through the official channel of the Impetuosa Project :

Always grateful to our sponsors: República Cervecera y Brewshield, Brew Depot, Central Altiplano, Cielito Lindo, WeProm Marketing, Omniflex, Calx, Granobrew with Hopzoil, Qué Lata, Geodis, Brewcampy Mangas Brand Wear, for the realization of this project that seeks to ignite the independent brewing industry with the inner fire of every woman who participates in it.

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  • Maureen Ruvalcaba

    Como parte de este proyecto, les puedo decir que me siento muy honrada! Esto que se está formando es algo que seguirá creciendo y la gente ya no pasará por alto el lugar que tenemos en la industria. Admiro muchísimo el trabajo que han hecho durante estos 3 años. Y sin duda alguna, esto seguirá creciendo!!
    Muchas felicidades y muchas gracias por crear esto y darnos la oportunidad a las demás!!!

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