Colima Brewery: from the Tropics to all of Mexico

We really like being everywhere!

We started 7 years ago in a little corner of the Pacific coast, from this small place we managed to do great things: create simple and well-made craft beer with the inspiration of the tropics and all the pride we feel for being from here.

We are more than happy because this tropical flavor has already spread throughout MEXICO, we started the year with a presence in the 31 states of the Mexican Republic and in more than 2,500 self-service stores in which we include:

  • 🛒7-Eleven Mexico
  • 🛒Walmart Mexico
  • 🛒HEB Mexico
  • 🛒City Market
  • 🛒TheEat
  • 🛒Sumesa
  • 🛒Super Here
  • 🛒Alsuper
  • 🛒Mexico wine bar
  • 🛒KIOSK
  • 🛒Chedraui 

Check this map 🗺️ and find your favorite self-service store

This achievement belongs to each of you, beer lovers. Their preference is the reason that each time they can find Cerveza de Colima in more corners of Mexico.

So join us for a tour of our country and all the places where you can find us.

Remember that although you can write us down in the supermarket list and locate us in your nearest self-service store, you can also enjoy Cervecería de Colima in bars and restaurants throughout the country. But hey, we tell you that calmly in another note.

Pacific Zone 🌴

In the central point of the Pacific zone is the most captivating coast: Colima, of course. From there we spread out across the 11 states that share this beautiful coastline, both north and south.

In Baja California, we come to lobster paradise, best enjoyed with a light Cayaco . Going down through Baja California Sur, Sinaloa and Sonora delight us with their fresh seafood, we pass through the Riviera Nayarita, Jalisco and Michoacán de Ocampo with their endless beaches of fine sand and warm waters.

Already in the last part of our trip through the Pacific we find ourselves in Guerrero, Oaxaca, Chiapas, and its exquisite flavors and traditions.

Click here to discover the map and stop by one of our self-service centers.


In the Valley of Mexico, in the central south region of the country, we arrive at the metropolis that is dressed in coconuts and palm trees with our arrival at Walmart, Costco, 7 Eleven, Superama, Sumesa, La Comer, Fresko, City Market and La Castellana.

There is Colima even though there are no palm trees, and here is the map .


A little side of our favorite Pacific coast, is our little Manhattan : Guadalajara. It is where we go when we want to get out of the hammock and enjoy the nightlife, a dose of chaos to escape a little (just a little) from the stillness of our tropical paradise.

You can find us in Plaza Patría, Tlajomulco, Chapala, Chapalita, Zapopan, Santa Anita, Tonalá and many more spaces that you can find right here .

Very happy to be in our sister republic of Guadalajara.

North zone 🏜️

Going up the country a bit, it gets hotter during the day and much colder at night. We pass through the busiest border in the world: Tijuana , to later cross Sonora , essential to uncover a Colimita with the high temperatures of its deserts.

Before arriving in Nuevo León and Rigo Tovar's beloved Matamoros, we stopped in Coahuila, blessed Coahuila, where our laboratory quality manager was born .

We are already in the entire northern zone of Mexico, ready to accompany all your roasted meats and give them the heat or freshness they need with all our line beers.

find us here 🌵

the shoal

Back in the lowlands we make a stop in the area of ​​the lowlands, from the beautiful and historic Morelia in Michoacán, to the Edward James Surrealist Garden in San Luis Potosí , we arrive with our armed packs of beers at a lot of self-service stores which you can check here .


South Zone 🏖️

At the end of our tour, at the tip of the country, we make a technical stop in a very paradisiacal area.

Ideal to be and share the tropics in the beautiful south of our country: Guerrero , Oaxaca , Veracruz and Q. Roo with their turquoise beaches are the ideal place to enjoy a smooth, magical and stimulating stone , like this area.

Tabasco , Yucatán and Campeche with their delicious food are the option to pair each and every one of our line beers. Locate your super favorite in this link .

Colima is in all of Mexico and we couldn't be more proud of it. Enjoy Cervecería de Colima all around the world.

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