Foto de botella de agua mineral en medio de rocas dentro del río

Lahar, the local water of Colima.

Water is the main ingredient of all our creations, which is why its quality is of vital importance to us.

On this occasion we bring you the story of the origin of our new member: Lahar, our local option for table water .

It all begins with the evaporation of water in front of the Tropical Pacific, on the Mexican coast, to then undertake a journey of kilometers in the form of clouds and penetrate the continental mass.

Lahar mineral water

The next scene, the meeting of the clouds with our De Fuego Volcano that works as a natural wall.

The water vapor, when condensing in the heights due to the low temperatures, precipitates in the form of rain on the mountain forest.

The water infiltrates the roots to later reach the rocks formed by the magma, in the depths of the volcano.

The result: a natural, refreshing and light mineral water.

Now down in the valley, it is subtracted from the aquifers from an artesian well and is slightly carbonated; The result, a natural mineral water with fine, refreshing and light effervescence, soft water with a neutral PH, without the presence of heavy metals and just the right touch of minerals and sodium.

This is the story of Lahar and his origins. Lahar is our invitation to understand the natural cycles through the exploration of the territory of the Volcán de Fuego de Colima.

File photo.

It is our invitation to consume a high quality product of local origin , the ideal accompaniment to taste any dish without overshadowing any of its flavors.

Check this out: Learn more about the flavor profile of Lahar .

We love sharing the fortune of having this ecosystem that allows us to create products with a noble and subtle character.

We hope you enjoy Lahar as much as we enjoyed thinking about and creating it for you.

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