How to drink craft beer?

To enjoy the full experience of a craft beer, follow these steps:

Steps to drink a craft beer

1. Serve the beer in the right glass

Serve it in a glass at a temperature between 4° and 6° C and tilt the glass a little, approximately 45° without touching it with the bottle. This to make the right amount of foam.

Glass beaker between 4° and 6° C

2. Observe

After serving your beer, look at it through the glass and with light see what shades it has. This doesn't affect the taste much, but it does enhance the drinking experience.

Some beers are clear like our Colimita, others are dark like Cayaco

Steps to drink a craft beer

3. Shake gently and smell

Gently shake the beer around the glass and smell it deeply. What smells do you detect? What memories or moments come to mind? This will improve the taste of the beer once you taste it.

4. Take a sip

Take a sip of beer and try to breathe air through your mouth. Mixing the air with the beer will stir up the flavor in your mouth making it even more enjoyable.

Steps to drink a craft beer

5. Taste

Move the beer around your mouth. What does it taste like? What flavor do you detect? What is the first thing that comes to mind?

6. Swallow

Beer must be swallowed to be fully appreciated because the part of the tongue that best detects the flavor is the one at the back.

Ready. This way you will live the complete experience of drinking craft beer as it should be! Give it a try and tell us what your experience was, what memories it brought back and what moments you relived. Health!

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  • Federico Villalpando

    Excelente su página!!! conozco varios portales de cerveza pero solo ustedes tuvieron el atino de enseñarnos a tomar cerveza artesanal.
    Su equipo de trabajo me da orgullo como mexicano, gente joven, pujante, con ganas, ahhh y el tener en su equipo a personas con capacidades diferentes da un mensaje a cualquier industria que ellos son capaces de muchas cosas.
    Los felicito !!!!!

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