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The space where talent, creativity
and the ingenuity of the Colima beer team,
he gets to work cooking up unique experiences.

Unpublished styles, mostly cooked for the first time with the purpose of creating, tasting and enjoying the performance of different malts, hops, yeasts and other ingredients, by our brewing team.

“It comes from the bottom of our beer heart as a project to innovate, explore, create new things and, above all, share it with beer lovers. It is an opportunity to publicize chelas that have a much broader range of expressions than our 6 line chelas.”

Aban D'Acosta, Brewer.

Club Colima is the alternative space of Cervecería de Colima, it is a space to explore new styles and learn from the variety of ingredients, techniques and styles. In this 2021 Tour we seek to continue exploring our ability to create new beers with the Colima touch . In addition to this creative space expanding to reach many more people with our experimental proposal.


The project, now bimonthly, covers 3 types of beers:

Headliner —the one everyone came to see— is our stellar experimental.
Seasonal or Collab ft. those that go according to the season or that we cook with invited beer teams.
Warm-up Trapiche smaller batches that are kegged to be enjoyed only in our Trapiches , beer gardens .

As in the previous edition, Club Colima has available a subscription to the Headliners and Seasonals/Colaboratives that are cooked in each release . Craft beer lovers can sign up to receive these styles at home at preferential prices before they go on sale on a regular basis, with several added benefits for being a member of the subscribed community.

These benefits include:

    • Exclusive promotions for subscribers
    • 10% discount on all our online store, factory stores and Trapiches ( beer gardens )
    • Virtual tastings with the brewers who designed and cooked the beers
    • Invitation to all our events
    • gift merchandise

And more surprises that are revealed in each two-month period.

Ideas and moments inspire us to create unique visual contacts, which is why we also wanted to do something special for Club Colima where we could express all the magic that is in each beer: for this new stage of Club Colima we invited different visual artists that we greatly admire. to intervene the Line Up, the poster that lists the beers, with his vision of the theme of the bimester.

Thus, in each installment, subscribers will receive a 12 pack with two different styles, each with its collectible label that emerges from the illustration made by Mexican artists for Club Colima.
And like everything that is done in Colima, they will also learn the whole story behind the style, cooking and production of each experimental beer by the brewing team.

experimental beer tanks

From now on you can subscribe to Club Colima by clicking here .

To learn more about Club Colima and the subscription, you can subscribe to our Newsletter and we promise that you will be among the first people to find out all the details.

You can also follow us on our social networks where we will be announcing the official launch of Club Colima and stop by to say hello to the entire team that makes the experimental events at Cervecería de Colima possible.

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